Pianist Geoffrey Burleson, Vocalist and Performance Artist Maria Tegzes, Guitarist David “Knife” Fabris

Combining jazz, rock, blues, classical, and world music, these three artists adamantly, skillfully, and passionately smash through the barriers between musical styles and categories. They see all styles as leaping-off points to musical and creative flights of fancy.

Maria Tegzes is a singing actress with a dark and earthy sensuality whose performances have received critical acclaim the world over. Geoffrey Burleson has been heralded as a “remarkable pianist” and “a first-class instrumental presence”, as well as an “outright thrilling” artist. David “Knife” Fabris, noted for his collaborations with jazz pianist legend, Ran Blake, is highly praised for his sensitive, virtuosic, and iconoclastic interpretations.

The trio has performed at the Tribeca New Music Festival ('05) and the Music With A View Festival ('11) in New York City. This past summer, they performed to a sell out audience at the Santander University Fest in Spain. Their performance will be released soon by the University.!/impetus