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Ginastera String Quartet #2

From the album Lettuce Prey

An arrangement of a classical piece by one of my favorite composers, Alberto Ginastera. The electric guitar covers the violins, while the bass plays the viola and cello parts. Steve Chaggaris adds a masterful propulsion on the drumset - thanks Steve!


from album Lettuce Prey

This is a piece by Astor Piazzolla for his seminal new tango quintet that I rearranged for maximum oomph with lots of guitars (electric, acoustic, slide, bass - all me) and drums (Steve Chaggaris)...Diggit!


from the album Lettuce Prey

This is a full band take on an Ornette Coleman piece featuring the great Ran Blake on Piano, James Merenda on alto sax, Blake Newman on upright bass, and Steve Chaggaris on drums. The melody is as Ornette composed it, the treatment we give it is all our own...



This is a song I wrote and performed with my band Gingerbutkis which displays the progressive side of that band. This past december I was able to recruit my dear friend, Rachel Stern, to add her magic vocals to this track and it has been re-born. Thanks, Rachel (and Mark Hutchins for mixing and engineering)!