David “Knife” Fabris
guitarist educator


Ran Blake and Dave "Knife" Fabris

In 1999 and 2000, the “Knife” (Blake’s nickname for Fabris) was a guest on Blake’s “Something to Live For” and “Silver Noir” on the hatology label. Later duo projects included “Indian Winter” and "Vilnius Noir". Fabris also guests on "Ghost Tones" (2015).

David Sanford Big Band

JazzFunkClassicalMetal Big Band music!


IMPetus - vocalist and performance artist - Maria Tegzes; Pianist - Geoffrey Burleson and Guitarist - David “Knife” Fabris


Traditional jazz meets New Orleans funk for a seasoned gumbo of sounds!

Rachel's Stern Band

Third Stream Meme

Knife's newest project is a collaboration with cellist/pianist Charles DuChateau, Bassist Wyeth Tvenge, and drummer Rudy Feinauer