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News from the Fabominable snowman!
Have you seen my small screen debut on Flesh For the Beast: Tsukiko's Curse yet?! It's a horror webseries and I play a small role as the "shadow musician" who opens the gateway into the dark realm by playing an impossible piece of music in episode 7. Check it out on Netflix.
I am offering a sale on my CD (now available for $10). And I am happy to announce a few new items available from my store. I had two different T-shirts printed up with my logo and the Lettuce Prey cover.  There's also a knife totebag to carry all your Fabswag!! 
Dave Phillips and I are continuing our residency every other Monday at Ernie's in Bronxville NY...here's a video you can check out.
And, the string of great reviews continues to mount for Lettuce Prey...
The latest (Oct. 24, 2014) from the website Dusted In Exile: "...a recording that deserves wide attention. It’s creative, unpredictable, and winningly heart-on-sleeve." - Jason Bivins (read the full review here).


NYC Jazz Record: "Lettuce Prey is many things but above all it is terrific music." (full review here - scroll down to page 30)

Sea of Tranquility: "There's more than enough to entice the average Jazz fan to lend an ear, oodles of craziness which will invite the more avant-garde aboard, and a smattering of earth shattering smacks which will cause the more adventurous of the Rock brigade to prick up their ears..." (full review here)

Gapplegate Guitar blog: "It is an excellent outing in advanced jazz and rock zones. You must listen! There is no substitute. Very cool music." (full review here)
NY School of Music and Art: "There’s plenty of music to explore here, so for those looking for a feast… open your musical palate and dig in." (read full review here: NYSOMA)
Downtown Music Gallery's Newsletter (3/28/14): "...Mr. Fabris, whose nickname is "Knife" is a master of the slide guitar" - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
Have a salad - Lettuce Prey is here!! 
Lettuce Prey (Great Winds/Musea 3169) is music that is supported equally by the three legs of Rock, Jazz and Classical. It has the guts and glory of rock heroes like Jimi Hendrix (whose tune, Angel, is featured as a guitar solo on this CD). It possesses the surprise and intrigue of Jazz improvisation (like Ornette Coleman's Sadness - presented here in a jazz quintet format). Lastly, it exudes the intricacy and depth of contemporary Classical music - Ives, Prokofiev, and Khatchaturian are among the composers presented here. But the intent is for the styles to coalesce...that the heavy guitar bass and drum treatment of Ginastera's String Quartet No. 2, for example, maintains the sublimation of the original while making the listener pump their fist in the air!

Hear some samples of the CD.  See more info and purchase a copy.

Also available in download version through iTunes and amazon.

Thanks for visiting and remember, riffage is good for the diet!


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The music of guitarist David Fabris has been steeped deeply in an eclectic pool of influences.
These influences are evident in the variety of performances and ensembles to his credit. His newest CD, Lettuce Prey, seamlessly travels between the worlds of Jazz, Rock, and Contemporary Classical music. He has recorded four records (Hatology, Soulnote, NoBusiness) and toured internationally with his mentor, third stream pianist Ran Blake, to great acclaim. He is also currently a member of the experimental big band, the Pittsburgh Collective, and the punk-cabaret trio IMPetus.
"The Knife" also performed (on banjo) with his traditional jazz band, Mudsole, for both of President Clinton’s inaugurals.
He was a reserve guitarist for Bernie Worrell, a founder of the seminal funk band Parliament. Mr. Fabris is also the founder of the Fabulous School of Music in Beverly MA and an adjunct professor at St. Thomas Aquinas and Passaic County Community College.

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