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Have a salad - Lettuce Prey is here!!
I am so happy to announce that my new CD, Lettuce Prey, is finally out!! 
Lettuce Prey (Great Winds/Musea 3169) is music that is supported equally by the three legs of Rock, Jazz and Classical. It has the guts and glory of rock heroes like Jimi Hendrix (whose tune, Angel, is featured as a guitar solo on this CD). It possesses the surprise and intrigue of Jazz improvisation (like Ornette Coleman's Sadness - presented here in a jazz quintet format). Lastly, it exudes the intricacy and depth of contemporary Classical music - Ives, Prokofiev, and Khatchaturian are among the composers presented here. But the intent is for the styles to coalesce...that the heavy guitar bass and drum treatment of Ginastera's String Quartet No. 2, for example, maintains the sublimation of the original while making the listener pump their fist in the air!

The music of guitarist Dave Fabris has been steeped deeply in an eclectic pool of influences: He has recorded and toured extensively with his mentor, third stream pianist Ran Blake, to great acclaim. Blake joins ‘The Knife’ as a featured guest on Lettuce Prey including 4 tracks left over from their Vilnius Noir LP (NoBusiness). Blake’s fans will be interested to hear him playing Hammond B3 organ on this CD for the first time!

Hear some samples of the CD.  See more info and purchase a copy.

Also available in download version through iTunes and amazon.

What the critics are saying: review

...and from the Downtown Music Gallery's Newsletter (3/28/14):

DAVID 'KNIFE' FABRIS With RAN BLAKE - Lettuce Prey (Great Winds 3169; 
EEC) There are some fifteen musicians & vocalists on this disc, most 
of whom I am unfamiliar with. The few names I know are of course Ran 
Blake, the legendary pianist and professor at New England 
Conservatory, and trumpeter Jon Nelson who is a part of Trumpet 
Nature with Peter Evans and Dave Ballou.
This is the third disc that Mr. Fabris has done with Ran Blake, 
the first two were duo & solo efforts. This is a much different 
affair with some seventeen songs, all of which are an odd assortment 
of mainly covers from Jimi Hendrix to Astor Piazzolla to Alberto 
Ginastera to Duke Ellington and even more. Some of the pieces were 
recorded in a church in Lithuania, some in studios in Brookline, 
Mass. Considering the diversity of songs involved, we never know 
where we will end up or which direction a particular song will take. 
Considering that the first song is called "Michaelangelo" by 
Piazzolla, the Argentinian tango composer, this version rocks in way 
that sounds nothing like what most of us would expect from this 
composer. Mr. Fabris, whose nickname is "Knife" is a master of the 
slide guitar but not just in that blues-like way most often 
associated with slide guitar. Fabris plays Hendrix's "Angel" on a 
somber solo electric guitar in a most elegant way before sailing into 
a fine, quick strummed conclusion. What is most surprsing is the way 
Fabris takes classical piceces like Prokofiev's "Scythian Suite" and 
then adds rock and other unexpected flourishes. There are minimal 
female vocals on just four of the seventeen tracks here and they are 
all well-placed within the entire set. What takes some work is 
figuring out how these songs fit together yet I do get the feeling 
that everything is related or connected on some level. Nothing is 
overdone or extreme but consistently well-crafted on a few different 
levels. Ran Blake plays a few solo piano sections on some these 
pieces which seem to bridge the gap between the different approaches 
or genres involved. What I like most about this is that Fabris finds 
ways of rearranging pieces so that we never know what direction any 
one piece will take. A string quartet by Ginastera sounds more like a 
prog rock encounter when played on a sustained Crimsonish electric 
guitar led unit. There is nothing obvious about whatever turn these 
pieces take throughout the entire hour-long disc. - Bruce Lee 
Gallanter, DMG

Thanks for reading and remember, riffage is good for the diet!

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The music of guitarist David Fabris has been steeped deeply in an eclectic pool of influences.
These influences are evident in the variety of performances and ensembles to his credit. He has recorded three CDs (Hatology, Soulnote) and toured internationally with his mentor, third stream pianist Ran Blake, to great acclaim. A fourth release, recorded live in Lithuania in December 2010 is scheduled for release this year.
Fabris has performed (on banjo) with his traditional jazz band, Mudsole, for both of President Clinton’s inaugurals.
He was a reserve guitarist for Bernie Worrell, a founder of the seminal funk band Parliament. He is currently a member of the experimental big band, the Pittsburgh Collective, which is garnering attention for its debut CD, Live at the Knitting Factory (Oxingale Records, ‘07). Mr. Fabris is also the founder of the Fabulous School of Music in Beverly MA and an adjunct professor at St. Thomas Aquinas and Passaic County Community College.

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